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Starting a career in real estate or even making a change from one brokerage to another can be a bit frightening. The way we see it, new or experienced, we all should be working together. All of us supporting and being supported by one another. That concept is at the heart of our mantra: “Vested in You. Together, We’re Better.”

Over the years, when we’ve asked new and experienced agents what they consider most important for their success, they’ve talked about the value of good training and about how important it is to have someone who will be available to answer their questions. So, on the new agent side, we’ve responded by providing focused, small-group training designed to equip agents with a solid foundation to build and grow on. Agents who transfer from other companies soon experience the value added by the best support systems and finest training anywhere in our industry. We add to that the easy accessibility to full-time branch leaders who will coach and guide and get them with whatever support they need when, and if not before, they need it. The evolution continues as new agents become more experienced and experienced agents become more successful! All of them supporting…and being supported. That’s the Together, We’re Better part.


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